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If you want to fatten-up the back of your 1 ton dually truck for that full-figured look, be careful! Custom dually wheels and tires that are wider than original equipment can cause the dually tires to touch or rub against each other. Touching tires are very dangerous and under load will almost certainly cause tire failure.

So how can dually tires rub against each other, after all they rotate at the same speed. The problem is that if they touch at the bulge, you are altering the way they are supposed to flex. They then generate a large amount of heat and fail. The sidewalls are being asked to operate outside the box. Another way of putting it is that its just like the heat generated from driving a tire under inflated. The weight capacity of any duals is reduced significantly because of the heat factor, and if they touch, there's no way of knowing how much it's reduced. So make sure there's sufficient daylight shining between the sidewalls.

Non-Hubcentric Dually Wheel Spacer
Dually Wheel Spacer
So what is the answer? Dually wheel spacers!

Dually wheel spacers can be used between the dual wheels to accommodate wider dually tires! However, wheel spacers can lead to another problem. Not enough stud length and will the dually rims be hubcentric. Longer studs may have be installed on the axle if they are not long enough.

If the axle lip or factory hub flange is not long enough, then adding a dually wheel spacer would mean the outer wheels would just be hanging on studs. In other words this wheel may not be hubcentric. So always choose hubcentric dually wheel spacers.

Hubcentric Dually Wheel Spacer
Hubcentric Dually Wheel Spacer
Choose 5, 6 or 8-lug in 1/8, 1/4, 5/16 inch thickness.
Hubcentric and non-Hubcentric
Dually Spacers Wheels

8 Lug Heavy Duty Dually Wheel Spacer
8 Lug Heavy Duty Dually Wheel Spacer
If your dually conversion requires a spacer over 1/2 inch,
we recommend these Heavy Duty Wheel adapters.
For more information about Dually Wheel Adapters
and how they are used
Click Here!

If you purchase dually wheel spacers make sure your axle studs on your dually truck are long enough. It is recommended that your lug nuts should make at about seven turns when wheels are secured, and that a periodic check be made that they are torqued accordingly.


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