Exterior Dually Truck Accessory - Mud Flaps

The spray of gravel, water and grime kicked up by the wheels is bad for everyone on the road, even the Chevy custom dually, diesel Dodge dually, dually Ford or GMC dually rig that is scattering the debris. With a high-quality pair of our Dually accessory Mud Flaps riding behind your wheels, you block rocks, mud and slosh from ruining your paint job or nicking that boat, trailer or 5th wheeler.

Stop rocks dead in their flight path with a pair of our Go Industries Chrome Dually Mud Flaps. Choose between the basic set with thick flaps and mounting hardware, or get the deluxe package with stainless steel weights and chrome anti-sail brackets.

Dually Mud Flaps come in two styles to fit comfortably inside any budget. Our basic package includes the oversized 19 inches tall x 24 inches wide mud flaps and the matching mounting hardware. For even greater protection against airborne road muck, get the deluxe set of Dually Mud Flaps. This includes everything you would get in the basic package plus stainless steel weights and chrome anti-sail brackets. These will keep your mud flaps hanging right behind your wheels instead of floating around in the wind.

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Widen your coverage against thrown rocks, mud and debris. Husky Dually Mud Guards are specially-molded for your specific dually truck to protect against road hazards that wreck your paint. With double the tires on your back axle, your truck launches twice the mud and rocks. That is why Husky Dually Mud Guards are a wide, heavy-duty rubber guard that can take a beating. These dually flaps mud guards use tough #10 screws to mount to your wheel well and won't come loose.

They not only perform tough, Dee Zee Brite Tread Mud Flaps look the part. Crafted from sturdy bright finish sheet aluminum, these diamond plate mud flaps match your diamond plate toolbox or running boards. Plus, they feature a clear powder coated finish that thwarts potential rust and corrosion from being mounted in the wheel well. Find your Chevy dually mud flaps, Ford dually mud flaps and Dodge dually mud flaps here.


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