Exterior Dually Accessory - Tailgate Caps

Eliminate dents, dings and grazes from marring your Chevy dually, Dodge dually, dually Ford or GMC dually finish with our Dee Zee Stainless Steel Tailgate Caps.

Choose from brilliantly polished steel strip adds a touch of class to your tailgate (1-year warranty), Rust-free - high-strength ABS plastic, this cap is impervious to oxidation and nearly scuff-proof.

Comes in 3 finishes (1-year warranty), Diamond-treaded aluminum and treated with a rust-repellent powder coating.

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Dee Zee DyNamX Tailgate Cap

Polished or Black finishes (1-year warranty) or the Hi-Luster Tailgate Cap that armor plating can be both rugged and stylish. Built tough from durable extruded aluminum with a clear, anti-rust BriteGuard powder coating. Radiant mirror polish (1-year warranty).

Putco Tailgate Guard

Give your tailgate top a clean look that keeps your paint fresh and scratch-free. Our Putco Tailgate Caps, EGR Tailgate Caps and Bushwacker Tail gate caps are custom-made to fit over your gate, stopping everyday gouges and dings from ruining the look of your truck. Beyond protection, our Tailgate Caps outfits your truck with limited edition looks. The smooth stainless steel is polished to a mirror-like finish rivaling the brilliance of chrome. Installing the our Tailgate Caps takes only a few minutes, with no need for dangerous cutting, drilling or bolting. For Miscellaneous Dually Truck Accessories Click Here!


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