Exterior Dually Accessory - Truck Nutz

Truck Nutz are a novelty automotive accessory that hang from any bumper or hitch and let you show the world your nuts.

Get a set today and when someone tells you that your dually has no grit, just tell them - that's ok cause I've got truck nutz! Sure you have a nice dually truck and you may have 20 inch rims, low profile tires, but your not a truck nut without our Truck Nutz.

There are about 12 different colors of Truck Nutz, insuring that there is one to match any dually truck.

Chevy Truck Nutz
Chevy Truck Nutz
Ford Truck Nutz
Ford Truck Nutz

Dodge Truck Nutz
Dodge Truck Nutz

Assortment of Truck Nutz colors
Truck Nut Colors

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Look no further! There is a color for your dually truck. There are two sizes to choose from! A small set of nutz and the wildly popular big bull balls. Not made in China yet! Truck Nutz are made in the U.S.A.

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No need to go nutz hanging the ultimate truck accessory, just be creative! Try using an old shoe lace or a zip tie, or for a more permanent application use picture hanging wire. However, we recommend anchor shackles with a screw pin to keep the orientation correct. Don't have a truck? No problem, hang a pair of these truck balls from your rear view mirror and draw some pretty funny looks from passers by.


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